Name, Gender Marker, and Document Changes at the UO


UO Legal Name, Preferred First Name, and Gender Marker Change Form

Students, faculty, and staff may change their Legal Name, Preferred First Name, and Gender Marker through one central online form through the Registrar’s Office. You may find more information about required documentation and supportive resources below.

Name and Gender Change Form

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Preferred First Name

The UO Preferred First Name function allows for students, faculty, and staff to specify a Preferred First Name that is different from their legal first name listed on state, federal, or legal university records. The Preferred First Name takes the place of the legal first name in various records at UO and may be changed directly by the user on DuckWeb at any time.

Change Preferred First Name: 

  1. Log in to DuckWeb
  2. Click on “Personal Information” tab
  3. Click on “Enter/Update Preferred First Name”
  4. Follow directions on the form

What records are affected? 

The Preferred First Name affects the following records:

  • Class Lists 
  • Find People Online Directory, with your middle initial (e.g., Aiden K. Romano)
  • DuckWeb 
  • Photo Lists
  • Grade Change Page
  • Canvas Class Lists, with your middle initial (e.g., Aiden K Romano)
  • Advising Lists
  • ID Card (When requested)

Where will my Legal Name be used? 

There are certain systems that still require the use of your Legal First Name. These include:

  • Payroll
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Aid
  • Official UO transcripts
  • Tax documentation
  • Legal documentation or correspondence

How will my Preferred First Name affect the way my name is displayed? 

Your Preferred First Name will replace your legal first name. For example:

  • Legal Name: Andy Kay Romano 
  • Preferred First Name: Aiden
  • Find People Online Directory: Aiden Romano 

How do I change or remove my Preferred First Name?

Your Preferred First Name can be changed at any time by logging onto DuckWeb. 

  1. Log on to DuckWeb
  2. Click on “Personal Information” tab
  3. Click on “Enter/Update Preferred First Name”
  4. Enter or update your preferred first name in the field below, then click "Submit." 
  5. To remove your preferred first name, delete the text in the field, then click "Submit."
  6. Your name will refresh in "Find People" overnight.

What if I want my Preferred First Name to reflect on my university-issued ID Card, diploma, email address, thesis, or dissertation?

You may find instructions to make these changes under the Diploma Name, UO ID Card, Duck ID and Email, and dissertation and thesis name sections. 

Can I specify a Preferred Last Name or Preferred Middle Name?

Not at this time. Only Preferred First Names may be specified. To change or update your middle or last name, you will need to complete a Name and Gender Change Form and provide required documentation. 

What else should I know about my use of a Preferred First Name?

Your Preferred First Name is a part of UO directory information, and as such is public information. This name may be forwarded to internships and other professional organizations, and is the first thing that instructors may learn about you. Please consider the use of this function.

The university reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it is used improperly, including but not limited to, avoiding legal obligations or misrepresentation.

I have questions that aren’t listed.

For further information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 541-346-2935 or

View the Preferred Name Policy

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Legal Name is the assigned name that is on record at UO for legal documents, including transcripts, tax information, and hiring. UO Legal Name must match state and federal documents for legal purposes, such as state-issued identification, passport, or social security card. The UO provides an option for a Preferred First Name for outward-facing systems so staff, faculty to display in place of Legal First Name.

How do I change my Legal Name on record at UO?

All UO students, faculty, and staff may submit a request for a Legal Name or Gender Marker change through the Name and Gender Change Form. Please note the requirements for documentation, which varies for staff and students; and for domestic and international students. 

  • Are you an international student?
    • Yes: International students may change UO Legal Name by submitting a copy of your passport reflecting the new name.
  • Are you currently or have been employed by the University of Oregon within the past two years? 
    • Yes: Past or present University of Oregon employees wishing to change their name must provide a copy of their Social Security Card, or Receipt of Application from Social Security Administration reflecting your new name. 
    • No: You may change UO Legal Name, including first, middle, or last name, by providing any of the acceptable documentation listed below.  

What is acceptable documentation to change Legal Name at UO? 

Students may submit any of the following documentation with a Name/Gender Change Form to change UO Legal Name.

  • Driver’s license
  • State-issued identification
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage license specifically stating the new name after marriage
  • Social Security Card or Receipt of Application from Social Security Administration 
  • Divorce decree authorizing the name change
  • Judicial decree specifically authorizing a name change
  • Naturalization papers stating the change of name

What if I do not have any acceptable documentation? 

View the section on State and Federal Name and Gender Change Support for financial and community resources for a Legal Name change. Please contact Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Education and Support Services for assistance or advocacy in getting an allowable form of identification and to access supportive resources for a legal name change.

Can my chosen name be reflected on my university-issued ID Card, diploma, email address, thesis, or dissertation without a UO Legal Name change?

Yes, you may have these fields reflect your chosen name without completing a Name/Gender Change Form. You can find instructions to make these changes below under Names Listed Elsewhere.

What UO systems change with a Name/Gender Marker Change Form?

All UO systems will be updated with the Legal Name Change including payroll, accounts receivable, Financial Aid, official UO transcripts, tax documentation, legal documentation, class lists, Find People Online Directory, DuckWeb, photo lists, grade change page, Canvas class lists, advising lists, and ID card (when requested). For legal purposes all changes to Legal Name are documented in Banner Proper, meaning previous names are on file and not viewable by university constituents outside of the Registrar.

Will my department or program receive notification of my Legal Name Change?

The Name/Gender Change will be reflected in Banner overnight, resulting in changes for specific programs and academic departments except for GradWeb and the Law School. Your program will not be notified from a Legal Name Change; however, they will view your updated Legal Name through UO systems.

Graduate Students and Law Students are advised to contact the corresponding email to ensure they are aware of a Legal Name Change to reflect this update in GradWeb and Law School rosters.  

  • Graduate School: 
  • Law School:

UO Gender Marker

The marker that is indicated on government issued ID, such as a passport, driver’s license or social security registration. UO recognizes that existing Legal Sex Designation may not align with or may be conflated with gender in university systems. 

Why is Gender Marker collected?

The UO is required to collect this data in order to comply with federal reporting including IPEDS reporting, student employment, international student status and the granting of federal financial aid. If you are an international student your designation must match the designation on your passport.

What Gender Marker options exist at the UO?

The UO record keeping system, called Banner, allows for four Gender Marker options:

  • Male (M)
  • Female (F)
  • Other (X)
  • Prefer to Not Disclose (N)

How do I change my Gender Marker at the UO?

Students, faculty, and staff may change their UO Gender Marker at any time through submitting the Name and Gender Change Form online. Supporting documentation is not required to change your Gender Marker.

Is there a UO Gender Marker for intersex or gender-expansive people?

Currently the options available at the UO for intersex and gender expansive people include Other (X), and Prefer Not to Respond (N). We understand this is limiting and may cause additional barriers for trans and intersex people in our community. We encourage you to choose your Legal Sex Designation, and to utilize the Prefer Not to Respond (N) or Other (X) as a third or opt-out option. We hope to have more options available in the future. When we do, this page will be updated.

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Names Listed Elsewhere

UO ID Card for Faculty, Staff, and Students

UO community members may have their Preferred First Name on their Student ID Card that may differ from Legal Name. Students must change their Preferred First Name via DuckWeb before requesting a student ID Card in order to have Preferred Name reflected on your student ID.

When you submit a photo, you will also be asked to submit a photo of a government-issued photo ID to verify your identity (e.g. state ID, military ID, driver license, or passport). Your Preferred Name can differ from your legal name presented on your government issued ID.  

Transitioning or coming out? Ask about waiving the fee. Trans and gender expansive students may request a new student ID to match current name or picture free of charge. To inquire about waiving the $25.00 fee, email the UO Card Office at

UO Student ID Cards must be retrieved from ID Card Services, located on the ground level of the Erb Memorial Union.

Diploma Name

Diploma Name is the name listed on your diploma upon graduating from the UO. Your diploma name may differ from your Legal or Preferred Name at the UO. You do not need a Legal Name change or documentation have your chosen name reflected on your diploma. You can specify your diploma name upon applying for graduation. More information may be found at the Registrar’s Office.

Undergraduate Diploma and Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD): Students who plan to receive a bachelor’s degree or who plan to receive a Doctor of Jurisprudence should complete the on-line application for graduation via DuckWeb. When applying to graduate in Duckweb, please enter the name as you would like printed on your diploma in the “Diploma Name” field, which may differ from your Legal or Preferred Name. If the “Diploma Name” field is not completed, the default name is the legal name on your official student record. If you need to adjust your diploma name after the graduation application has been submitted, please email from your UO email with your request

Advanced Degree: Students who plan to receive a graduate degree should complete the online application for graduation via GradWeb and complete “Degree Name.” No documentation or legal name change is required to have a degree reflect your chosen name. More information may be found at the Graduate School Website. 

Alumni Requesting a Changed Name on a Diploma: A student that has already received the diploma is able to update the diploma name during the order process for a replacement diploma. When making your order through the University of Oregon diploma store, use the Submit a Diploma Request button.  You will have the opportunity to enter the updated name in the "Name to appear on Diploma" box. This will not update the UO student record. For more information visit the Registrar’s website.

Dissertation and Thesis Name

Students graduating with advanced degrees may have their preferred name honored on a dissertation or thesis by updating their Preferred Name via DuckWeb before submission. 

Preferred First Names on Theses and Dissertations

  • First Name: Students may use either their legal first name or their preferred name as recorded with the UO Office of the Registrar. 
  • Middle Name: Use of the student’s middle name or middle initial is optional.
  • Last Name: Students are required to use their official last name as recorded with the UO Office of the Registrar. 

The name format must be consistent across all pages of the manuscript. The following are examples of acceptable name formats:

  • Legal First Name, Legal Middle Name, Legal Last Name
  • Legal First Name, Legal Middle Initial, Legal Last Name
  • Legal First Name, Legal Last Name
  • Preferred First Name, Legal Middle Name, Legal Last Name
  • Preferred First Name, Legal Middle Initial, Legal Last Name
  • Preferred First Name, Legal Last Name

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Duck ID and Email Address Change

You may request a new Duck ID to reflect a name change or use of a Preferred Name. A legal name change or UO Name and Gender Change Form is not required to request a new Duck ID. Duck ID changes are limited to one change during a student’s time at UO. 

Duck ID corresponds to a UO email address; If you are using a name different from your legal name, you may change your Duck ID to reflect as your UO email address.

Some considerations to note before requesting to change your Duck ID:

  • Duck ID changes should be limited to one change during a student, staff, or faculty’s time at UO due to the disruptive nature.
  • Normal Duck ID rules will apply (the new username must be 3-8 letters and numbers, and representative of your name, ie, no "jerseyboy71 @"), and if you can it’s great to come prepared with more than one choice in mind just in case your first choice isn’t available.
  • Information Services offers 90 days of email forwarding to allow folks to update their contacts/accounts tied to their UO email address (things like Facebook, bank accounts, Apple IDs, etc.).
  • Duck ID changes will result in a disruption of technology services, so choose to make this change during a time least disruptive for you (i.e. before classes start during summer term).
  • Expected behavior includes email messages bouncing for at least an hour; And disruptions in Canvas and library services sign-in.
  • If something goes wrong, all Duck ID integrated services can be disrupted for longer (several business days).

How do I request a Duck ID and Email Address Change?

If you are a UO trans or gender expansive student, please submit a request with the following information:

  • Name
  • UO Email Address
  • Duck ID
  • Three potential replacement Duck IDs: 3-8 letters and numbers that is representative of your name

For Example: 
Name: Aiden Romano 
Duck ID Ideas: ARomano3, AidRoma3, Romano57

You will be notified when your Duck ID request has been processed. For further information, visit the Information Services website.

Submit a Request

If I am not a student how do I request a Duck ID and Email Address Change? 

Faculty and staff may “Submit a Ticket” including the above information through Information Services. 

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Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Collecting gender identity and sexual orientation information is required by Oregon Senate Bill 473. The university is collecting the following information on a voluntary basis in order to comply with state law and requirements mandated by the State of Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). 

As required by Oregon law, the University of Oregon has updated the collection of biographical data on Human Resource new hire paperwork and Admissions applications to include two new questions regarding gender identity and sexual orientation alongside an existing question on Legal Sex Designation.

Gender or Gender Identity: Gender is one’s internal sense of woman, man, non-binary, genderfluid, agender, etc. that may or may not correspond to one’s sex assigned at birth. The UO recognizes that gender is not limited to, nor always congruent with, the categories available in legal sex designation.

Sexual orientation: A person’s physical, romantic, emotional, aesthetic, and/or other form of attraction to others.

Can I change my responses on gender identity or sexual orientation?

While it is not yet possible to update your responses to these two new questions in DuckWeb/Banner Self-Service, we hope to have this option available soon. When we do, this page will be updated.

Who has access to this information?

Unit level data (your name associated with your responses) will only be available to limited staff in offices that are responsible for data collection for the institution—primarily Admissions, Institutional Research, and the Office of the Registrar. Your individual responses will not be viewable by general university departments. Aggregate information (percentages and category totals) will be available to administrative departments at the institution, and reported to the state.

For more information visit Oregon Senate Bill 473, Admissions website, and Human Resources; or contact the Human Resources at or Office of Admissions at

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State or Federal Documentation Change Support

Assistance with Name or Legal Sex Designation Change: Name and gender marker changes for transgender and gender diverse people in Oregon can be a cumbersome and costly process. To help you better understand what needs to be done, the Trans-led Eugene-based organization TransPonder created and maintains a Transgender Documentation Change Primer. It includes a list of the common documentation changes needed, the process required to obtain them, their associated cost, legal resources, and methods of financial assistance. 

Financial Assistance: If cost is a barrier in proceeding with legal documentation changes, students may apply for LGBTQ+ Emergency Funding to alleviate expenses related to a name and gender marker change. 

Other Resources

Documentation changes in Oregon and Lane County:

State-by-state information on how to legally change sex designation and name:

Find out how to get a legal name change where you live and update your name/gender on state and federal IDs and records:

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