Nontraditional Students

Nontraditional student luncheon
Nontraditional Students

Who is a Nontraditional Student?

You may identify as an nontraditional student if you:

  • Are over the age of 24
  • Are married, divorced, or partnered
  • Work full time
  • Are a parent or caregiver of a family member
  • Are returning to or starting college after a break
  • Are changing careers
  • Are a military veteran or active duty
  • Have a low income or independent financial status
  • Are a transfer student
  • Have a disability
  • Are a first-generation college student
  • Self-identify as nontraditional

Find Your Community

As a nontraditional student, you have a unique set of needs. There are a variety of resources and services available to help you balance school and life. The Nontraditional Student Union is dedicated to representing the nontraditional student voice on campus and providing a place for you to feel at home. If you are looking for a place to connect with other nontraditional students, a place to get involved and advocate for change, or if you just want a place to study and get a snack in the heart of campus, the Nontraditional Student Union is a great place to explore. We provide several outlets for exploring more about our community through Engage and on Facebook.

How to Join the Nontraditional Student Union

To become a member of the Nontraditional Student Union, a student run organization, look for us and join us on Engage, or contact us to subscribe to our email list. A great way to get involved and meet other nontraditional students is to attend our meetings and events held throughout the year, or stop by the office in EMU 212 (office hours listed on Engage).

Academic Support

The University of Oregon offers numerous academic resources to ensure the academic success of all students. More resources are available beyond the ones mentioned here, so please reach out to the Nontraditional Student Union for any specific needs you might have.

Financial Support

The university offers a variety of scholarships for students. If you identify as a nontraditional student, you may be eligible to apply for the Osher and Crankstart Re-Entry Scholarships. There are also other financial resources available to help you through your time at the UO.

Family Support

We want to make sure that you are successful outside of the classroom and maintain a balance between your homelife and your education. There are resources available to you including affordable housing for families, child care subsidies, and family mediation.

Well-Being Support

At the UO we value self-care and life balance. There are numerous resources to promote mental and physical health, from individual and group counseling sessions, to meditation, nutrition, and exercise classes.


Nontraditional Student Programs

Office Hours
Monday–Friday: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Office of the Dean of Students
Oregon Hall, Suite 380
*Hours are subject to change.


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Whitney Donielson
Program Director, Nontraditional Student Engagement and Success