Get Explicit 101 | Fall 2019 Dates: October 5 and 6

Get Explicit 101 is a mandatory program for all incoming students that addresses what it means to be a Duck by preventing sexual violence. The training includes interactive discussions about healthy sexuality, boundaries, communication, consent, social norms, sexual assault, and bystander intervention.

Get Explicit 101 will empower students to be intentional with boundaries, direct with communication, explicit with consent, and engaged as a community member to prevent sexual violence. As Ducks, we cannot simply desire that issues of sexual violence go away—we need to act intentionally and engage explicitly in prevention, which begins with understanding the context of the issue. By participating in these workshops, students contribute to the University of Oregon's goal for a safer and healthier campus community when it comes to issues of sexual violence.

We live in a complicated world constantly sending messages about what sex should be. Get Explicit 101 will help students discover both what they may want out of sex and how to express those desires in a safe and healthy way. We all deserve to feel comfortable and excited about our potential sexual experiences and be able to share them with a partner who feels the same. It's up to all of us to create a campus community free of sexual violence. We hope participants will leave this workshop feeling empowered and ready to do whatever it takes to be a Duck that cares and takes action.  

Get Explicit programming will be a series of programs offered to other audiences soon.

How do I find my session?

Your specific assigned time and location are determined by the orientation program you attend. You'll be able to get your session information when you arrive on campus in the fall.

Exceptions and Conflicts

Exceptions from attending your assigned Get Explicit 101 session will only be accommodated under approved extenuating circumstances, provided by the Director of Prevention Services or the Assistant Dean of Students for Crisis Response and Prevention. Accommodations to reschedule have been approved for the CMAE New Student Fall Retreat. Going to or watching the football game is not an extenuating circumstance and will not be approved. To understand more about the value the University of Oregon places on the prevention of sexual violence, you can review the President's statement.

What if I missed my session?

If you did not attend your required Get Explicit 101 session, you will receive a notice to your UO email from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards outlining your limited options to meet this requirement. Failure to comply will result in a conduct violation and potential registration hold.

Make-up sessions will be held on Sunday, October 20, 2019. Please see your email for assigned time and location.