The University of Oregon is committed to cultivating an environment free of substance misuse and abuse. Recognizing the impact substance use can have on physical and mental health, academics, and relationships is vital. The resources in Substance Abuse Prevention Education aim to support responsible decisions through a harm-reduction lens. Through evidence-based environmental and individual-level strategies, we embrace a community where all students can live, grow, and learn.

Talking about substance use, misuse, and abuse may be challenging. Whether or not you engage with substances, being a college student can elicit inaccurate perceptions and expectations surrounding substance use. Often there is an assumption that “everyone drinks” when in fact surveys show that just 55 percent of Ducks report having at least one alcoholic beverage in the last 30 days. Our educational efforts strive to de-stigmatize conversations regarding alcohol and other drugs by providing information on resources, programs, and policies.

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

The university is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our students. As such, we seek to prevent the abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs. In compliance with federal requirements under the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, we provide you with information regarding the UO’s drug and alcohol policies as well as resources for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. We are devoted to maintaining a healthy living and learning environment through the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.

2021–2022 Annual Notification


We want to make sure you have all the support you need to have a healthy and positive college experience. The university has numerous resources to connect you with people on campus who can help.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Team (SAPE)

Mission: Substance Abuse Prevention and Education uses harm-reduction, evidence-based strategies to target substance use, misuse, and abuse among UO students, with the goal of decreasing the risks associated with substance abuse.

Vision: We aim to reduce stigma and engage the campus community in challenging conversations surrounding substance use.

Information about Alcohol and Other Drugs