Know all the facts

Before you consider using recreational cannabis in Oregon, it is important to know and understand the facts and policies about its use. Just like with alcohol and other drugs, there are existing laws. The university also has a policy regarding the use of cannabis. Violations are subject to sanctions according to the UO Student Conduct Code.

Don’t believe everything you’re told.

“You can’t get addicted to weed.”

“It’s safe because it’s natural.”

“It’s legal so it’s no big deal.”

“Everyone smokes.”

There are many differing narratives about cannabis and it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s true. It’s important to think critically about what we hear and turn to research-backed information to make healthy choices.

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Keep it off campus

You cannot use or possess any form of cannabis anywhere on University of Oregon property, including Autzen Stadium. This means no vaporizers, no edibles, and no smoking. This policy also supports the smoke- and tobacco-free campus policy.

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Be of age

You may possess and use recreational cannabis only if you are 21 or older, but not on campus.

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Stay inside the house

You can only use cannabis at home (if your landlord allows it) or on private property (if the owner allows it).
Check your lease!

Oregon outline

Stay inside the state

You cannot transport cannabis across any border, including Washington.

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Know the limits

You may possess up to eight ounces of usable cannabis in your home and one ounce of usable cannabis outside the home, but not on campus.

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Don't be on the move

You cannot drive a vehicle or ride a bike under the influence of cannabis.

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Grow, within limits

You can grow up to four plants per residence, out of public view. Check with your landlord first!

Still have questions?

Trying to understand the university policy and the state laws can be confusing. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help further illustrate how to use cannabis responsibly and abide by the policies and laws. You can also refer to the State of Oregon's website.