Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention

If you are looking for a quick way to get involved and learn about campus-wide prevention initiatives, come to an Alliance for Sexual Assualt Prevention (ASAP) meeting.

ASAP is a committee of professionals and students across campus who are committed to the creation of a safer campus environment through the prevention of sexual violence.

Our campus has many employees, organizations, students, and local community members whose jobs and/or interests intersect with sexual violence prevention and education. ASAP meets once a month to discuss updates and ways to create a stronger community to combat sexual violence.

Current membership includes representatives from the Office of the Dean of Students, UO Women’s Center, ASUO Men’s Center, University of Oregon Police Department, Domestic Violence Clinic, University Health Center, University Counseling Center, Residence Life, Orientation Programs, Sexual Assault Support Services, UO Athletics, Safe Ride, Organization Against Sexual Assault, the Wesley Center, and any other campus or community member wanting to participate.