The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards aims to make students aware of and able to reasonably navigate the conduct process. Here you will find additional information relating to the conduct process, campus resources, relevant policies and procedures, and related information.

Conduct Records Request Process 

When transferring schools or applying to graduate or professional programs, a student may be required to provide documentation as to whether the student violated any university policies or has been subject to any student conduct actions or proceedings. This request is often referred to as a “letter of clearance” or a “Dean’s certification.” This information may also be requested when applying for admission or employment with bar associations, government agencies, or independent agencies. Most of these institutions will provide you with a form for you to fill out and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to complete. Our office will fill out the form, or attach our own memo when applicable.

Student conduct records may be requested in person, by mail (c/o SCCS), or by email to Complete this process each time you want your records released. University policy does not provide for blanket releases.

If ordering in person, you may stop by the office in Oregon Hall, Suite 185, and fill out our records request form. You will need to show photo identification. Please bring any accompanying forms from the institutions for which you are requesting the records. If the request is required to be submitted by our office and by mail, you will need to provide an envelope with postage.

If ordering by mail or email, please include a letter from you which includes:

  • Your full name while attending the University of Oregon
  • University ID number and date of birth
  • Phone number and email address
  • Name(s) and contact information of the institution(s) requesting the information
  • Indicate if the records should be emailed, mailed, faxed, or held for in-person pickup.
  • Your letter must also include the statement: "I authorize the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards at the University of Oregon to release the information necessary to complete this records request.”

The letter MUST be signed and dated (electronic signature is permitted). Any requests without the above statement accompanied by your signature will not be processed and completed. If the request is not emailed from your address, you will also need to provide a copy of your photo identification.

Record checks are subject to update should your conduct status change with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. An updated record may be resubmitted to the provided institution/program names.

It will take approximately three to five business days to complete the request. This timeline does not include time of delivery or processing by the recipient.

If you have any questions about this process, you may call 541-346-1140 during business hours or send an email to