The Student Conduct and Community Standards office will notify students about conduct allegations through Maxient, a secure, web-based case management application that is used to track behavior records at colleges and universities.

If you are suspected of alleged misconduct, you will receive an email from “notifications[at]” The email will show the sender as a UO employee, with their name followed by “(via Maxient).”

It is important for you to know that this is an authentic email from the university. It is not spam or a phishing attempt.

In addition to a brief explanation, the body of the email will contain a link to your notification letter. You will access your letter through a Shibboleth login page, using your Duck ID username and password.

Once logged in to the Maxient portal, you can access your letter, which will be a PDF document. Print or download and save the letter for your records.

If you have difficulty accessing your letter in Maxient — or want to confirm the legitimacy of the email — contact us at 541-346-1140.