What is UO's Prevention Course?

The University of Oregon is deeply committed to your health, your academic success, and engaging you in a learning experience that creates a healthier campus community. A student’s ability to learn is enhanced when they are a member of a safe and healthy community. Being impacted by behaviors of students who misuse and abuse substances or are involved in some form of sexual misconduct can all be significant barriers to academic success. Our goal is to reduce the negative consequences of substance misuse and abuse on campus as well as the incidents of unwanted sexual behavior. Therefore, as part of the UO’s comprehensive approach to prevention education, it is required that all new incoming students complete our online prevention course offered through 3rd Millennium Classrooms, which includes four modules that cover alcohol, consent and respect, cannabis, and other drugs.

The modules addressing alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs address topics of substance misuse and abuse in addition to the related expectations for UO students around responsible behaviors. As you engage with the online prevention course modules, you’ll notice the use of the term marijuana, which is referring to cannabis. While the colloquial term is largely used for the education you are about to receive, we want you to know that ongoing education, marketing, student conduct, and policies at the University of Oregon will use cannabis as it is the more accurate term, which encompasses the parts, products, and derivatives of the cannabis plant. After completing these programs, we expect that you will understand the impact of using, and the potential consequences of misusing alcohol, cannabis products, and other drugs. Whether you abstain from substances or not, this program will help you make personal decisions about use and encourage you to be a responsible Duck by taking care of your peers.

The consent and respect module is designed to help students understand that consent is mandatory within sexual and romantic relationships. The University of Oregon takes these issues very seriously and wants to ensure that students understand that sexual violence is not tolerated on our campus. In addition, we want all students to be aware of resources and support available to help students who have been harmed. We recognize that talking about sexual violence can be difficult, and we acknowledge that some of you may have had personal experiences with sexual violence. If taking this module is difficult or triggering for you, please know there are resources on campus to support you, even prior to your arrival to campus. If you are a survivor and need to talk before, during or after taking the module, please visit safe.uoregon.edu for a list of resources both on and off campus.