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Stay Explicit 201

Are you looking for training for your organization, class, or a group of friends? Sexual Violence Prevention and Education now offers an optional educational initiative, which builds off our mandatory Get Explicit 101 program, called Stay Explicit 201! 

The following one-hour, student-led workshops were created to provide a deeper dive into various areas sexualized violence in an inviting format. To request a presentation, use our scheduling form and our student team will contact you within one business week to coordinate details. 

Workshop topics include:

  • Dating and Domestic Violence: Understand what domestic violence is and how to utilize resources available to you if someone you know is in an abusive relationship.
  • Healthy Relationships: What does a healthy relationship look like? Examine behaviors of social and romantic relationships to determine if they are healthy and sustainable.
  • How to Support a Friend Who Discloses: Learn how to respond when a friend shares their experiences of sexualized violence and how to recognize signals of trauma. This has an optional 30-minute scenario practice in addition to one hour of workshop content.
  • Intersections of Sexual Violence and Disability: Evaluate the ways ability and privilege contribute to bias against people with disabilities and utilize resources for disability rights. 

We want to encourage all organizations on campus to consider requesting a Stay Explicit 201 presentation to ensure that our campus community remains engaged in anti-violence work at the University of Oregon.

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For questions or follow-up about your presentation request, you can contact us at

Empowerment-Based Self-Defense Trainings

For students wanting to learn self-defense with their friends, we offer self-defense workshops specific for your group or organization. Our empowerment-based workshops are designed to equip you with a spectrum of skills to help establish and enforce your boundaries. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to sign up your group.

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Even if you aren’t in need of a presentation right now, our office is always open to constructive feedback. We are a student team that aims to meet the current needs of our students at the UO, so your input matters. Please use our feedback form to share your perspective on how we’re doing.

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