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On our campus, we look out for each other and are committed to proactively addressing high-risk behaviors. Substance misuse and abuse is an issue on every college campus, but we take pride in creating a campus culture that is changing this norm. We are dedicated to creating a campus culture that is actively engaged in addressing issues of drug abuse and sexual violence in all their forms. Our efforts are focused on providing you with resources to help you have an exceptional experience and effectively navigate stress and social pressures in a healthy way. As Ducks it is on all of us to address these issues by being committed to taking care of ourselves and our community.



Substance Abuse Prevention

Alcohol and other drugs are perceived to be a part of culture. Drinking may be incorporated in many different celebrations and social events. However, misusing alcohol or other drugs can have serious consequences for your health and your college experience. It is a complicated subject, so it is important to stay informed and be responsible if you choose to consume or use.


of UO students use a designated driver when drinking


of UO students stay with friends while drinking

It takes

1 hour

to clear a serving of alcohol from the body



of incoming students don't or rarely drink

Sexual Violence Prevention

Every University of Oregon student has the right to pursue their academic, social, and work activities without fear or intimidation. While any form of unwanted sexual behavior and violence can be difficult to discuss, sexual violence is an issue that exists on college campuses and in communities throughout the country. The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education team is dedicated to providing education and prevention opportunities for you to help contribute to a safe and healthy campus. 

The University of Oregon does not tolerate sexual violence or harassment. As Ducks, we respect each other and take care of each other. We get explicit consent before engaging in sexual activity and when we see someone in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation, we intervene or call for help.


Apr 28
Take Back The Night6:00 p.m.

Please join the UO Women’s Center April 26th-April 29th for “Take Back the Night 2021: A Remote Movement Against Sexual and Domestic Violence.” Take Back the...
April 26 2021– April 24 2025

Please join the UO Women’s Center April 26th-April 29th for “Take Back the Night 2021: A Remote Movement Against Sexual and Domestic Violence.”

Take Back the Night is a yearly international protest aimed at raising awareness about the realities of Sexual and Domestic Violence on campus and in the community, both for Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence and those who want to support and bear witness in solidarity.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year’s event will be entitled “Take Back the Night 2021: A Remote Movement Against Sexual and Domestic Violence.” Monday-Thursday we will host Take Back the Night Virtual Rally Speakers with pre-recorded videos on Microsoft Stream (a platform which requires a UO ID to log in and view - a precaution for the personal safety and cultural sensitivity of our Speakers).

Virtual Rally Speakers will be representing the Latinx, Black, Refugee, Native American/Indigenous, Disabled, Asian, and LGBTQIA+ Communities and more.

Links to individual Rally Speaker videos will be posted on the Women’s Center’s website, our Instagram (@uo_womenscenter) and our Facebook (UO Women’s Center) at 6pm each night.

Following the final Virtual Rally Speaker on Thursday, April 29th (the original night of Take Back the Night) will be a TBTN Virtual March on YouTube.

*JOIN* Take Back the Night 2021 by submitting your Virtual March Posters to be featured in the Take Back the Night Virtual March slideshow on YouTube. Submit photos and sign UO Model Release Forms online via Deadline for submissions is April 26th  at 11:59 p.m.

For more information please contact Women’s Center Sexual Violence Prevention and Educator Coordinator, Kati Rodriguez, at or Women’s Center Director, Fatima Roohi Pervaiz, at

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Jimmy Howard, PhD
Assistant Dean of Students for Prevention and Response

Kerry Frazee, PhD
Director, Prevention Services

Rituparna Roy
Assistant Director, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education

Alexis Drakatos
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Abigail Leeder
Director, Experiential Education and Prevention Initiatives