The LGBTQIA+ Student Emergency Funds are available to UO LGBTQIA+ students who have encountered a situation involving unusual financial hardship caused by emergency or circumstances beyond the students’ control including housing or food insecurity, or other resource-based needs that threaten a student’s ability to remain enrolled and to successfully complete their degree.

If you believe you have a circumstance and would like to have your situation evaluated for funds, please complete this application. Once the application is received, the coordinator of LGBTESS and a support services coordinator will review your application and will contact you for a follow-up conversation or in-person meeting.

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About the LGBTQIA+ Emergency Fund

The LGBTQIA+ Emergency Fund is an established program since spring 2019 with a policy and practice designed with the Dean of Students crisis support and the LGBT Education and Support Services.

LGBTQIA+ Student Realities:

  • College can be a transitory time for students experiencing self-exploration and discovery as they learn about and communicate their gender and sexual orientation for the first time. 
  • Although acceptance for LGBTQIA+ people is increasing nationally, LGBTQIA+ students still experience overwhelming rates of rejection from parents, family, and guardians, and commonly experience a disruption in financial support during college.
  • This may lead to safety risks, losing resources, and significant changes to core relationships. 
  • LGBTQ+ young adults are 120x more likely to experience homelessness. 
  • LGBTQ+ young adults participate in SNAP benefits 21% more than their peers. 
  • LGBTQIA+ students commonly experience being “outed”, or having their identity non-consensually disclosed, resulting in safety, financial, and relationship difficulties.
  • Because of these hardships, LGBTQIA+ students often must temporarily unenroll to establish financial security, and may never continue their academic journeys.

LGBTQIA+ students are beloved members of our University of Oregon community. They are critical thinkers, activists, academics, and artists who are forging the path for LGBTQIA+ people in their respective academic fields. Although LGBTQIA+ students may experience hardship, we can help them reach graduation! You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQIA+ students ny donating to the LGBTQIA+ Emergency Fund. This fund is administered by the LGBT Education and Support Services coordinator. Your donation directly funds the LGBTQIA+ Emergency award, meaning 100 percent of your donation goes to students.