Gender-Affirming Support

Gender Support Services

University Counseling Services (UCS) offers a variety of specialized services to support the needs and experiences of transgender and gender-expansive students. If you are experiencing gender dysphoria, are seeking gender affirming procedures (such as hormone therapy or surgery) and need a support letter, or are wanting support in exploring your gender identity, they are here to help.

What does Gender Support Services and University Counseling Services offer?

  • Letters of support for medical transition procedures and services
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Trans advocacy
  • Consulting with friends, family members, or faculty who have questions
  • Identifying trans-affirming referrals and providers
  • Conducting outreach and education around campus

If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to one of the co-chairs of the gender support specialist team, their contact information is on their website. You may also call the UCS front desk at 541-346-3227.

University Health Services

University Health Services offers primary care physicians, clinic services, pharmacy, and mental health services on our UO campus.


Dr. Allison-Smith is the endocrinologist at the UO who often provides gender affirming care, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Dr. Allison-Smith is QAC trained on LGBTQIA+ ally tools, and provides care to many trans and gender diverse students.

Trans Feminine Voice Coaches

The University of Oregon's HEDCO Clinic has a speech-hearing-language office that offers voice training for trans feminine folks. They have two programs available, individual one-on-one lessons with a student instructor (as in, a student training to be a voice therapist) and a group conversation program called Speak Up!

To sign up for individual voice therapy sessions (and Speak Up!) call the office number below. Each week they work and build off of different lessons. If you wish to join Speak Up! as well, be sure to mention it, otherwise if you don't feel comfortable in a group environment just ask for individual sessions when you call the number below. Speak Up! is free-of-charge because it is an experimental program. Individual lessons are on a sliding scale fee.

HEDCO Front Desk: 541-346-0923

Trans Voice Lessons

Your Lessons Now LLC is a multi-state company that provides transgender voice lessons for voice feminization, voice masculinization, and androgynous voice. They also offer lessons for singing and multiple musical instruments. Their instructors can meet with students in person at their Portland location, or online through Zoom.


TransPonder is a non-profit support, resource, and educational organization for the transgender/gender diverse community and its allies, based in Eugene. TransPonder offers several monthly meetings, special events for trans/gender diverse folks and allies, inclusivity trainings, and consultation services to professional organizations and businesses.

TransPonder Resource Directory

TransPonder offers a resource directory allowing you to browse available trans and gender diverse friendly resources. The listed resources have been personally verified by the TransPonder team. These include medical, mental health, surgical, support, gender affirming bodywork, and faith centers.

As You Like It

As You Like It is an eco-conscious, green, gender-inclusive sex toy shop that honors the diverse desires and needs of the community in Eugene, Oregon. As You Like It offers gender affirming items including packers, binders, gaffs, harnesses, and breast forms. This shop offers private shopping, educational workshops about consent, and has a resource library of LGBTQIA+ books to purchase.