LGBTQIA Graduate Student Resources

All LGBTESS events and services are open to graduate students.

The LGBTESS offers funds to support LGBTQIA+ graduate student programming and support in starting a LGBTQIA+ student organization. If you are interested in planning and promoting an event or organization contact the coordinator. 

Our graduate students often find community in the Eugene area, for more information about events and organizations visit our LGBTQIA+ Eugene resources page

DuckOUT: LGBTQ+ Social Hour

DuckOUT is UO's LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and graduate student social hour that meets several times a term to encourage community building and campus connections. Social hour events include brewery tours, drag queen bingo, and breakfast meet and greets. DuckOUT is made possible by LGBT Education and Support Services and the SOAGIE Faculty Senate Committee. Join the DuckOUT mailing list to receive more information on upcoming events. 

Are you interested in planning or promoting an event for LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and students? Join our team! Email

Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF)

Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation is a labor union to advocate for workers’ rights and supports graduate employees (GEs) through contract negotiations. The GTFF is a resource for graduate students providing legal support in the case of contract violating harassment. The GTFF meets regularly, and offers identity caucus groups, including the Queer Caucus (see below).

Staff Organizer:
Benefits Administrator:
Phone: 541-344-0832

Queer Caucus of Graduate Employees

The Queer Caucus is comprised of queer* and allied GE’s committed to representing, empowering, and fostering community within the LGBT+ community. We strive to provide social opportunities and a voice for members of the LGBT+ community within the GTFF, and provide solidarity with and support to the undergraduate and Eugene LGBT+ community at large. To inquire about involvement or upcoming events please email

*While we use an inclusive definition of queer, we acknowledge and respect that as a reclaimed slur, the word queer carries negative feelings for some community members.


LGBT+ in STEM aims to create a community for LGBTQ+ people in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, while providing education around LGBTQ+ issues for all people in the STEM fields. By increasing the visibility of queer identifying people in the STEM fields, we aim to demonstrate the benefits of diversity in the sciences. This group provides safe spaces for all peoples through monthly meet-ups of LGBTQ+ graduate students, faculty, and staff and through educational seminars about LGBTQ+ issues in the sciences for allies


OUTLaws is the LGBTQ student group at the University of Oregon School of Law. The organization seeks to create community among LGBTQ members of the law school, as well as foster a broader network of LGBTQ students and professionals in the area. By offering events and speaking engagements, OutLaws invites all members of the law school and legal community to engage in LGBTQ issues and activist efforts. OUTLaws has an email list and a Facebook page.

Inclusivity and gender Diversity in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (IgDEAS)

IgDEAS Mission: To help create an environment within our department that empowers and encourages women and TGNC (transgender and gender non-conforming) individuals to pursue careers in earth and atmospheric sciences through personal and professional development opportunities and engagement from the entire University of Oregon earth science community.

Faculty Senate Committee on LGBTQIA+ Concerns: SOAGIE

Sexual, Orientation, Attraction, Gender, Identity and Expression (SOAGIE) is a faculty senate committee on LGBTQIA+ concerns. This committee works to promote equality and equity for UO community members and eliminate all types of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in university policies, practices, programs, facilities, and services. Graduate students may serve on the committee, email for more information.

Graduate School

The UO Graduate School's director of diversity and inclusion offers support to students with diverse identities in collaboration with their campus partners. Contact Padma Akkaraju, PhD, at