Our UO faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend our signature events, and to collaborate with LGBTESS programs. UO LGBTQIA+ employees may find additional opportunities for finding community on the LGBTQIA+ Eugene resources page.

Faculty and staff who are interested in fostering supportive classrooms for LGBTQIA+ students may visit our Queer Ally Coalition page for ally trainings.

Faculty Senate Committee on LGBTQIA+ Concerns: SOAGIE

Sexual, Orientation, Attraction, Gender, Identity and Expression (SOAGIE) is a faculty senate committee on LGBTQIA+ concerns. This committee works to promote equality and equity for UO community members and eliminate all types of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in university policies, practices, programs, facilities, and services. 
SOAGIE has made strides for LGBTQIA+ inclusion at the UO since its founding in the 1990s. Subcommittee projects include:

  • Best practices for gender-inclusive forms
  • Auditing and mapping all-gender restrooms 
  • Faculty and staff training and resources
  • Reviewing the Campus Pride Index for internal benchmarking 
  • Strategic plan to enact and prioritize racial justice 
  • DuckOUT, the LGBTQIA+ graduate student, faculty, and staff social group

To find more information about the charge visit the faculty senate website.

Are you interested in joining our working committee to improve LGBTQIA+ equity? Email SOAGIE@uoregon.edu for more information.

DuckOUT: LGBTQ+ Social Hour

DuckOUT is UO's LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and graduate student social hour that meets several times a term to encourage community building and campus connections. Social hour events include brewery tours, drag queen bingo, and breakfast meet and greets. DuckOUT is made possible by LGBT Education and Support Services and the SOAGIE Faculty Senate Committee. Join the DuckOUT mailing list to receive more information on upcoming events. 

Are you interested in planning or promoting an event for LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and students? Join our team! Email SOAGIE@uoregon.edu.

Human Resources 

Visit the Human Resources website for support regarding gender identity, gender expression and gender transition. If you have specific concerns or are seeking additional support please contact Jen Mirabile, senior HR programs coordinator, at 541-346-2195 or mirabile@uoregon.edu.