We support our Ducks through their transition with a multitude of resources and programs for students at any stage of the transition process. The LGBT Education and Support Service program (LGBTESS) aims to make the transition process as accessible and affirming as possible. We have a number of offices on campus that assist in the transition process and are happy to support you.

If you have any questions about these processes or would like support, please contact us at 541-346-6105.

Mental Health Support

The University of Oregon Counseling Center seeks a positive psychological climate on campus by promoting personal growth and supporting cultural pluralism in our diverse community. The Transition Care Team at the counseling center is dedicated to your mental health as a student and offers both individual and group therapy as well as assessments for hormone treatment. Our team is available to support you with referrals to other clinics should you choose surgical treatment.


We partner with PacificSource to provide a comprehensive health plan including 24/7 coverage anywhere in the world, platinum-level medical and prescription drug coverage, and low costs. As of 2010, student health insurance covers hormone and surgical treatment just like any other student medical need—meaning it is subject to the same maximums, copays, and policies.

Name Change at UO

To update name and/or gender identity on UO documentation, either complete a Name Change Form and submit it to the Registrar’s office or contact the LGBTESS office for assistance. You can also change information on DuckWeb under the “personal information” section.

Name Change on Legal Documents

Outlined below is an efficient process to make a name change on legal documents in the State of Oregon. The process varies between counties, states, and countries. For changing your name in Lane County, follow these steps:​​

  1. Obtain a certified copy of the court ordered name change form and submit it at the court house.
  2. To change your name with the Social Security Administration, fill out the Social Security Name Change Form (SS-5 form).
  3. Follow the processes and forms for name changes on Oregon driving records with the Oregon DMV.
  4. Apply for a new passport by filling out either a DS-5504 or DS-82 form.
  5. To change your name on an Oregon Birth Certificate, submit a certified copy of legal name change court order, a signed statement attesting that you want a birth certificate changed, and $60 ($35 amendment fee and $25 fee for copy of new birth certificate).