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Fraternities and sororities are values-based organizations that focus on the development of leadership, scholarship, brotherhood and sisterhood, service, and community among their members. These values form the basis of members’ college experiences. The support and opportunities provided through the organizations connect members to their peers, the university community, and a network spanning hundreds of universities and classes.

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Recruitment and Member Intake Information

In order to join our fraternity and sorority communities, you can participate in the recruitment or member intake process. These are a series of social events and gatherings for you to meet and get to know members from the different chapters on our campus. Each chapter has a unique culture and it is important to find the one that fits best for you.


Fraternity and Sorority Life Values

Scholarship and learning

As a student, you are here to get a degree and contribute to the scholarship of our university. This core value is the basis and identity of our community. As a member, the experiences you get involved with contribute to your academic success and personal development. Whether the event is social, philanthropic, or academic, it is designed to positively contribute to your learning at the UO.

Community service and philanthropy

Within our communities of motivated members, there is a large amount of time and energy that we commit to the communities around us. Members of our communities raise several hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. Organizations work together and compete to contribute to the communities around us.

Brotherhood and sisterhood

The connections you form during your time in our community have the potential to last a lifetime. The friendships you create are based on the shared values of your organization and of our community. These relationships provide you with support to be involved, challenged, and engaged throughout your college experience. These are the people who you have made a commitment to and who have made a commitment to you so that you all can hold each other accountable to living your lives to the fullest.

Leadership and engagement

Our community is focused on being leaders on campus and in our organizations. As a member, you’ll have a variety of leadership opportunities in your organization and in our community as well as the chance to develop leadership skills you can apply in a variety of other positions. The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office offers a variety of programs and opportunities for you to grow as a leader and engage in our community.

Community awareness

No community is created the same and each has issues that negatively affect it. Our community is dedicated to identifying the issues relevant to us and addressing them accordingly. But being in our community is more than an individual experience. It means you’ll be a part of a legacy that you will help define. Solving the issues relevant to our community means that you will be dedicated to and take part in taking care of one another.


Feb 26
All Sizes Fit Art Recruitment8:00 a.m.

All Sizes Fit is a positive body image campaign that aims to increase body positivity and decrease the social pressures associated with obtaining an "ideal body." All...
February 1–26

All Sizes Fit is a positive body image campaign that aims to increase body positivity and decrease the social pressures associated with obtaining an "ideal body." All Sizes Fit focuses on three principles:

Attention: Be in touch with your body and its signals. Your body is excellent at regulating and letting you know what it needs in order to perform optimally.
Appreciation: Appreciate everything your body allows you to do and the pleasure it provides. It is because of your body that you can engage in the activities you love and enjoy what life has to offer.
Acceptance: Accept all the assets you have rather than longing for what you do not. Much of your body composition is predetermined by your genetics.

Please submit this form if you would like to enter the 2021 All Sizes Fit Virtual Art Show. Your submission should be a representation of body positivity, body acceptance, body image, and/or All Sizes Fit. If you plan to enter more than one piece, please fill out this form for each piece.


All entries due by Friday, February 26, 2021. After we receive your piece digitally we will send another form for you to complete where you can share more about your piece (e.g. title, artist statement, etc.)

1st Place Prize: $100 Duck Store Gift Certificate
2nd Place Prize: $75 Duck Store Gift Certificate
3rd Place Prize: $50 Duck Store Gift Certificate
Honorable Mentions (10): $10 Duck Store Gift Certificates

For any questions please contact Suzie Stadelman at sstadelm@uoregon.edu

We will accept entries from non-UO students, but only current UO students are eligible to win prizes. All entries will be screened to make sure they don't contain triggering or inappropriate imagery.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Office Hours

Monday–Friday: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Values, Connection, and Service To Our Community

The Fraternity and Sorority Life Offices coordinates a variety of programs, activities, and services that are designed to support the development, education, and social experience of members. We serve as a resource to our members and organizations to promote strong communities and exceptional experiences.

  • Educating with purpose 
  • Advocating value-based leadership and decision making
  • Creating lifelong connections 
  • Collaborating with stakeholders. 

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