Safety Information

While You’re Away for Break

Empty homes, apartments, and vehicles are at increased risk of theft when criminals know the majority of students are gone on break. You can reduce your risk by:

  • Always locking your vehicle doors and windows
  • Never leaving a garage door opener in your car
  • Never leaving valuables, identification, checks, credit cards, or store receipts in view
  • Never leaving an extra key hidden outside your house
  • Selectively advertising your vacation plans
  • Making your home look occupied while you are away

When You Go Out

Here at the UO we look out for each other, and as such you never have to walk home alone again. Walk with a friend or call SafeRide, the Designated Driver Shuttle, or the UOPD for an escort home. Always let others know where you are and stick to well-lit, open spaces.

At Home

No one wants to wake up to their house on fire, so ensure your smoke detector is in working order. Landlords must provide working smoke detectors, but it is your responsibility as the tenant to keep them running. Test your smoke detector monthly and buy a fire extinguisher if one is not provided. Replace frayed electrical cords and never tamper with the fuse box.

To prevent home invasion, always secure your windows and doors no matter how long you will be gone. If there is a window within reach of the door handle, install a metal grill. Augment the locks on sliding doors or windows by blocking the track with a pole. For extra security you can purchase a door-jamming security bar and alarms for your windows and doors. If you return home to find your home has been broken into, don’t go inside. Go to a neighbor’s house and call the police.