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Monday–Friday: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Starting the Conversation

The Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) is a group of students committed to ending sexual assault and relationship violence at the University of Oregon. Having a conversation about healthy relationships and consent can be difficult to start. We use interactive, theater-based workshops to talk about healthy relationships and use a variety of facilitation styles to spur change at the UO and beyond. Our team is made up of students from across campus and from many different backgrounds. Our workshops incorporate a variety of topics and situations and can be customized to you and your audience.

Actors Wanted for Summer IntroDUCKtion Performances

Drop-in auditions for "It Can't Be Rape" are being held on Tuesday, May 1, from 4:00–6:00 p.m. in Villard Hall, Room 104. The audition will include a cold reading of the script. No monologue preparation is necessary.

"It Can't Be Rape" is a play performed for incoming UO students during IntroDUCKtion, presented by SWAT. Questions? Contact Abigail Leeder.

Serve your community and earn $14 an hour!

Schedule a Workshop

Hosting a SWAT workshop is a great way to provide an interactive experience for your friends or organization and get engaged in an important campus topic.

We've all been through a boring workshop before. This isn't another one. Our workshops use theater and interaction as a way of involving you and the rest of the audience. They are designed to showcase healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships and provide you with the skills and strategies to build healthy relationships and be an active bystander.

Schedule a Workshop

Most workshops feature:

  • A working definition of consent
  • A sexual assault survivor’s monologue followed by interactive discussions with other characters involved in the narrative
  • How (and how not) to support a survivor of sexual assault
  • Statistics about sexual assault
  • Resources for survivors of sexual assault
  • A demonstration of healthy and unhealthy communication










We are looking for more passionate students to join our team and be a part of creating healthier relationships on our campus and beyond.

Benefits include:

  • Earn upper-division leadership credits

  • Work with a fun, close-knit group of students passionate about creating social change on campus and educating their peers on sexual and relationship violence

  • Develop your professional skills and interests

  • Gain great experience for your resume

  • Become more involved in the campus community

Being a part of SWAT gives you a variety of opportunities and skills that will benefit you throughout your life. But most importantly, it helps to address the issue of sexual violence on our campus. We welcome people of all identities to be a part of our team so that we can better represent the diversity of relationships. Our team members make a three term commitment (summer not included) and present to a variety of audiences. It is important work and we hope you'll be a part of helping us do it.

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