OUTreach is an opportunity for new and incoming students to get involved in the programs on campus relating to the access, retention, well-being, and academic success of LGBTQIA+ and questioning students.

Many of our OUTreach members help by tabling and attending campus programs to ensure students are aware of the resources on campus. OUTreach members work with the GSA Visit Day program by attending gay/straight alliance meetings at local high schools, facilitating activities, and also being guides and leaders for the LGBTQIA+ campus visit events.

GSA Visit Day

The GSA (gay/straight or gender and sexuality alliances) Visit Day is a program that creates an opportunity for prospective high school students to visit the UO campus to receive access to LGBTQIA+ opportunities and support.  This event includes presentations on various topics including student leadership and organizing, networking, applying to college, financial aid, and much more.  All program sessions are designed to give high school students an idea about what college life might look like, as well as an opportunity to network, process, and strategize with other GSAs.

For more information about getting involved in OUTreach or GSA Visit Day, e-mail uooutreach@uoregon.edu.