Enhancing Your Experience

The Intercultural Mentoring Program Advancing Community Ties (IMPACT) is a program designed to help you succeed and graduate from the University of Oregon. More specifically, IMPACT is a peer-to-peer mentoring program for students of color and first-generation college students. IMPACT student coordinators support first-year and transfer students with their transition to the UO. It is through IMPACT that you will have the opportunity to be part of a community that is comfortable, accepting, and truly yours.

Creating Connections

Your experience in IMPACT is built on relationships through cultural, educational, and social events and programs. When you sign up for IMPACT, you will be placed in a family group with a student coordinator and other participants. Each family group will help participants navigate the first year of college by connecting with campus resources, providing information about classes/majors, and building connections with cultural organizations and support systems. Getting connected as a family group also includes many social excursion opportunities such as going to play laser tag, cooking dinner together, or working within study groups.

Contribute and Succeed

In IMPACT you don’t have to go search for the information — it comes to you! Our IMPACT coordinators introduce opportunities for academic success and interpersonal development by providing various resources within the university and in the community on a weekly basis. IMPACT goes beyond your first year to help you create a community throughout your entire college experience, and possibly even beyond college. Regardless of your experiences or background, you can contribute to make IMPACT a strong community, empowering yourself and others.

Get Involved

In IMPACT there are opportunities for you beyond the first year of college. Being a part of IMPACT is a great way to stay connected to a dedicated community that is designed to support each other through the challenges that come with being a college student. No matter what experiences brought you to the UO or what year you are, you could be a positive connection for another student and their experience.