Addressing Academic Misconduct
at the University of Oregon

Thank you for taking the time to address academic misconduct because it affects our entire university community. Uncontrolled, it devalues the reputation of our institution, its faculty, its students, and the degrees we offer. Moreover, academic misconduct is particularly unfair for the students who do their work with integrity and honor. All incidences of suspected academic misconduct must be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. The procedures for handling academic misconduct cases are outlined in Student Conduct Code.

Suggested Statement for Syllabus regarding Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct: The University Student Conduct Code (available at defines academic misconduct. Students are prohibited from committing or attempting to commit any act that constitutes academic misconduct. By way of example, students should not give or receive (or attempt to give or receive) unauthorized help on assignments or examinations without express permission from the instructor. Students should properly acknowledge and document all sources of information (e.g. quotations, paraphrases, ideas) and use only the sources and resources authorized by the instructor. If there is any question about whether an act constitutes academic misconduct, it is the students’ obligation to clarify the question with the instructor before committing or attempting to commit the act. Additional information about a common form of academic misconduct, plagiarism, is available at  

Addressing Academic Misconduct In Progress

If you observe what appears to be academic misconduct, document the incident with as much detail as possible. When possible, also ask another faculty member or other objective person (e.g. exam proctors) to observe the student(s). Collect as much information as can be reasonably gathered regarding the incident. You may choose to resolve the incident using the faculty resolution process (click on guide above), or forward that information to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for resolution.